stone baked pizza bases 100% handmade in italy

GMO-free, stoneground, non-reconstituted, unbleached, unbromated and wholewheat flour, type 0 and type 1 flour and ancient Italian grains – these are our ingredients. In all of our doughs we use our own natural liquid yeast (sourdough), which together with long natural leavening times of 24-48 hours, ensure that the crusts are light and easy to digest. All of our artisanal pizza bases are strictly hand-kneaded and produced entirely in Italy.

PRIME pizza base (30 cm)

For those who want a pizza with a thicker crust. The dough is prepared with a high percentage of sourdough (40%), large amounts of water and undergoes a full 24 hours of leavening, so that once baked it is light, crunchy and easy to digest. The addition of purified sea water in the dough, guarantees an additional supply of mineral salts.

30 cm

Pinsa romana pizza base (30 cm)

The Pinsa Romana stands out for being crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The high level of hydration of the dough (around 80%), the use of rice flour, the long proofing time and the low olive oil content combine to make this a pizza that is uniquely crispy and light.

30 cm


The use of a mixture of grains (rye, barley, soft wheat and oats) and wholegrain barley flour and oatmeal is the secret of the unique, unmistakable taste of the Pizza Base we call “la Rustica” (30 cm).

The dough, prepared with 50% natural yeast and a high quantity of water, makes the pizza light, crunchy and easy to digest.

Moreover, the dough of our “La Rustica” Pizza Base is enriched with purified sea water, which helps to reduce the amount of sodium contained in the finished product.

30 cm


What is “Sourdough”?

Sourdough is natural liquid yeast.

The job of yeast in the dough is to increase volume.

The dough expands, or rises, until it reaches a light and airy consistency, which gives the taste and aroma to pizza.

Why the 24 hours of leavening process?

It’s crucial to make a perfect pizza!

How many times have you said: I ate a pizza… now feel bloated, I’m thirsty and I cannot digest.

A good pizza does not make you feel that way.

But why does all this happen? The answer is simple: the problem is due to poor leavening or maturation.

A perfect pizza is made with long leavening (24 hours minimum) which guarantees a perfectly digestable pizza.

Why add sea water to the dough?

To add additional mineral salts, improve the flavor and reduce the iodized salt content.

The sea water we use, undergo an ultra micro-filtration process that removes all bacteria and impurities.

This treatment guarantee the compliance for food use.